What is B2C



Abbreviation for business-to-consumer,translated as business to the consumer in Spanish, B2C is the exchange of services, information and / or products from a company to a consumer, as opposed to between one business and another, as it would be in B2B.



What is B2C?

B2C is a business model carried out on the Internet where the purchase and sale of the product or service is done directly between a company and a consumer.

The B2C business model applies not only to online stores (E-commerce) but also to websites that offer services of all kinds from streaming leisure platforms to online academies in which the user buys directly from the business.

B2C sales models

In B2C online sales there are five business models:

-Direct sellers

This is the most common model. In online stores, consumers buy products from companies.

They can be large brands, department stores or smaller businesses that create and sell the product directly from an online store.

– Intermediaries

They are platforms that put both buyers and sellers in contact but do not have the product or service, such as Booking or AliExpress.

– Advertising-based

The company that has a website where it offers a product or a service and hires paid advertising in search engines, either in Google Ads or in Microsoft Advertising.

– Community-based

This model uses communities, built around shared interests to segment the target audience more successfully and thus advertise their products directly to the users’ site.

These types of communities can be forums or social networks.

For example, on Facebook or Instagram you can easily segment, target advertising to certain users according to their interests and demographic characteristics.

– Based on a subscription

These platforms, aimed directly at the consumer, charge a subscription for access to their content.

They may include a limited number of free content but require paying a membership to enjoy most of the service.

Advantages and disadvantages of B2C

The main advantage that B2C presents for the consumer is that it allows him to get items or services at cheaper prices.

However, there are still many items that due to their characteristics are not applicable to online commerce, in the same way that there are still many users who are reluctant to buy online.

As for the drawbacks of B2C,the main one is the lack of personalization of online sales and the barriers that imply not being able to physically see or touch the product you want to buy.

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