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How to Create a Visually Appealing Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the social platforms par excellence, being the spearhead of the sector since 2018. More and more people use it for different purposes. It can be found from large companies and brands that use them to promote their lifestyle, to people who want to communicate something personally in a themed channel. Of course, the highest rate of users is the one who uses it for leisure and entertainment.

The use of Instagram has been launched in recent years. At the beginning of 2021 there was a figure close to 1,000 million users worldwide thanks to its great versatility. It is an effective tool to capture the attention of people and spread a message, however, with the increase in users also increases competition. Now, if you want your message to have an impact, you need a planned strategy, among other things.

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How do we create an attractive Instagram profile?

Instagram is a platform where visual content has the greatest weight, which is why you must take care of the design of your profile. The goal is to stand out from the crowd and grab people’s attention. Before you start posting content on Instagram, the most important thing is to think.

You need to associate yourself with an overall theme to make posts more consistent and the profile recognizable to your followers. The idea is to distinguish yourself from competitors and have a differentiating point.

How do I develop a theme for my profile?

The most important aspects that you should pay attention to before you start posting on your Instagram profile are the following:

Choice of color range

Having a nice or balanced color scheme is probably the easiest way to make your Instagram profile more visually appealing.

To create a color scheme you simply have to decide what kind of colors you want your account to lean towards (cold, warm, shades of the same color). It is not necessary that all publications are of a single color, but it will be interesting that you play with those chromatic ranges with which you identify, choosing preferably one to three colors that you can always incorporate into your publications.

A consistent color scheme helps create a powerful, coherent and recognizable profile. Another way to create unity, in terms of color, is to edit the photographs always in the same way. The idea would be to always apply a certain contrast, brightness or saturation.

Using filters

Choosing a filter and using it consistently is the best way to make posts more consistent. The filter adds a similar look and feel to your images. This action allows you to create an obvious connection between them.

Using a filter to make posts related is super simple. You can simply search through Instagram filters (or filters in any editing app) and then choose one that fits. Now, you just have to use it consistently in all your posts.

Importance of having good photos

As we have been saying, Instagram is a visually oriented social network and this requires great care in taking photographs, not only in editing.

Nowadays anyone, with some interest in photography, can take good photos with the phone they have in their pocket without having to invest in a large camera. So go outside and enjoy creating a nice photo gallery to help you build your profile.

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Choose what you are going to tell

Deciding on a topic to talk about is paramount, although the look of your images is also important. If your posts are attractive but don’t add any value, they won’t get much attention.

To decide what you can post about, try asking yourself what your followers are interested in and draw your own conclusions.

Review your images

Before publishing, you need to make sure that the images meet the requirements, both in terms of quality, theme and style. Keep in mind that your new post integrates perfectly with your visual theme, style, colors, etc.

Plan your feed

Few people keep in mind that, after sharing a post on Instagram, it is saved in your profile or feed as a collage. This is a very common mistake that will lead you to have a disorganized and unattractive feed. This is the difference why someone becomes your follower or not. When a post interests you and makes you curious, the next step is to review the feed.

To avoid being frightened from our feed, you must plan the distribution of news and thus you will make your profile visually attractive and coherent. Before you share any new posts, ask yourself how they’ll look next to the old ones.

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Create valuable content

Sharing beautiful photos or having an attractive feed can sometimes fall short if it is not accompanied by a good caption. It can help you write phrases from songs, quotes, write about how you feel or about a specific product or place, depending on the theme of your profile.

Trend-appropriate content

On Instagram it is more than necessary, primordial, to be attentive to the trends that the platform itself marks. The novelties they offer, in a periodic way, always entail an increase in the scope of the same. When the stories came out, they surpassed the publications in scope. When the reels came out, the organic reach of the reels tripled that of stories or publications.

In the same way, videos is something that works very well and that must be interspersed to “be happy” to Instagram The purpose is that it rewards us with an organic reach of level.

Complete your profile

When it comes to correctly designing your Instagram profile, it’s not just about creating visually appealing content, you need to set up your profile data correctly, filling in all the info boxes on your Instagram profile. To do this, place a good profile picture, complete an eye-catching bio and leave your contact information.