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What is White Paper

white paper


A White Paper is a technical document written by a company with the aim of serving as an explanatory guide for its users. These documents present a collection of knowledge aimed at solving the problems that may arise from the use of your products or services, or simply facilitating the understanding of a topic or concept applicable to your company. In this way, a double functionality is fulfilled, by helping the user to better understand the operation of our brand, but also by improving it’s SEO.

Although all types of companies can prepare a White Paper, it is more common to see it in those that are dedicated to B2B so that these documents represent a great added value when doing business. Originally they were conceived as political documents for public opinion, today they represent a source of technical knowledge in any field.

Write a White Paper

The drafting of a White Paper document is a complex process that can require notorious investments of time and money. Although they are not very extensive documents, quite the opposite since they are usually between 5 and 20 sheets, if they condense a large amount of knowledge.

To write a White Paper, a previous research work is necessary. This can be carried out by a person from within the company although it is very normal for it to be done by external copywriters hired by the company. Because they are research-based, they are documents with expiration and therefore must be updated or rewritten over time.

When writing the White Paper it is necessary that we are clear that the objective of this is indicative and explanatory and therefore we must avoid falling into a promotional or other discourse, the more we focus on the user’s problem and provide added value to it, the better results we will obtain. The language of a white paper must be clear, direct and concise, it can be technical but without being complicated for the user.

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