What is Top of Mind

Top of mind


The expression top of mind refers to the first brand that spontaneously comes to mind to users when asked about a specific sector. Being a reference brand is very important in the work of branding and notoriety, although it does not ensure the acquisition as there is the influence of other factors such as price, quality, accessibility, etc.

The main advantage for companies that manage to be top of mind of consumers is that their messages reach their target audience more easily and sometimes it is enough for them to do brand reinforcement work to remain a reference. The popularity of some of these brands is so great that we came to use their name to directly name the product. This is the case, for example, of Coca-Cola, Kleenex or Rimmel.

Companies make enormous time efforts to stand out among their competitors and reach the top of mind. In addition, this is not a lifetime position so once you reach the top, the work to stay is just as difficult or more. In some cases this concept has become a metric, calculated as the percentage of consumers for whom a brand is a reference in their mind.

Below the top of mind there is another category, assisted notoriety,which refers to those brands whose name we do not remember spontaneously but that we immediately link to the sector to which they belong as soon as they mention their name. In contrast to the concept of Top Of Mind, many brands prefer to bet on the MOT (Moment OF truth), which advocates providing value for the customer at the right time.

How to place yourself in the Top of Mind

In the examples we have mentioned, brands managed to become top of mind before the arrival of digital marketing. However, now there are simple strategies that allow you to place yourself in the brains of users with constant work and without investing large economic amounts, such as the following examples:

  • Have a prominent place on Google through Google Ads campaigns.
  • Take care of organic positioning by creating quality content and always updated.
  • If the product requires it, carry out a street marketing campaign to achieve notoriety in social networks.
  • Taking care of social media profiles is also very important. It helps to create brand image and allows you to drive traffic to the website.


Examples of Top Of Mind Companies:

In general, the Top Of Mind is a concept that differs according to the moment of time and geographical location, however we find examples of brands that are Top Of Mind globally:

  • Mobile Phones: Apple (Iphone)
  • Batteries: Duracell
  • Pens: BIC
  • Search engines: Google
  • Coffee Shops: Starbucks
  • Computing: Microsoft

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