What is SOLOMO



SOLOMO is the acronym for Social, Location and Mobile (social, local and mobile, in English) and calls a digital marketing strategy that enhances in its actions the location and proximity thanks to the connection through the mobile. It is closely linked to the importance of geolocation and social networks for small businesses that offer their products or services in physical stores.

At present it is common for mobile phone users to have GPS activated and linked their profiles of social media, so that, except in very specific sectors that are not interested in mobile marketing (very local businesses focused on an older age group), any organization can find its target audience relatively easily.

Examples of SOLOMO

The data support the importance of SOLOMO: 40% of users perform local searches on actions that will be carried out in the following minutes (restaurants in which to eat or a store to buy something determined). In this sense, the SOcial, LOcal and MObile philosophy allows, for example:

  • Build customer loyalty through compensation for sharing location on social networks or mentioning a certain company.
  • Attract new customers with techniques similar to previous ones: mentions, tags, new registrations, chekin, etc.
  • Combine the previous two and promote group actions such as going to the place in disguise and taking a photo or visiting it with a friend, partner, etc.

Foursquare was one of the first exponents of SOLOMO. This application allowed its users to share their location on social networks every time they visited a business and addbadgesuntil they could become ‘mayors’ of those places. Now this information remains hidden and has veered towards a recommendation model similar to Tripadvisor or Trivago.

How to make SOLOMO?

The first step in assessing which marketing strategy is best suited for a business is to study the target audience. Doing SOLOMO with potential customers who are not purely ‘mobile’, for example, does not make sense. From there, it is imperative to segment who the messages are going to be addressed to and, depending on the type of person, carefully select the tone and content. You always have to include an added value, such as discounts or promotions,

As is evident, everything we want to share must have a responsive design with the aim that the visualization from the mobile is perfect. Having all social media profiles updated and with quality content (including images and videos) is another fundamental requirement.

Finally, in order to attract the public to the physical store, it will be necessary to implement online marketing actions with other face-to-face ones.