What is R



is a programming language that allows you to perform data analysis by writing scripts and functions. R is an interactive object-oriented language, this has been designed by statisticians for statisticians. The language provides objects, operators, and functions that make the process of exploring, modeling, and visualizing data natural. Complete data analysis can often be represented in a few lines of code.

R, a free software program

In addition, R is a free software project. Not only does this mean that it can be downloaded and used for free, but the source code is also open to inspection and modification by anyone who wants to see how the methods and algorithms work. Like other successful open source projects, such as Linux and MySQL, this has benefited R for over 15 years, from the approach that “many eyes” are better at optimizing code, and as a result has a very high level of quality and numerical accuracy. Also, as with all open source systems, R has open interfaces, which means it easily integrates with other applications and systems.