What is M-Commerce


refers to the use of a mobile phone as a way to buy goods. It can be using applications such as PayPal, websites equipped with payment terminals, using payment gateways or also tools such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

It is increasingly important for companies to consider the entire process that customers must go through when using their phone as a payment terminal, including searching for the products, adding them to the cart, making the payment, etc.

Nowadays more and more purchases are made from mobile phones, so it is important that we get ahead of the needs of users. We must detect possible incidents to offer the best service and thus repeat in the purchase process.

How to apply m-commerce in your business

To apply m-commerce in a business, a strategy must be carried out in which it will be necessary to have an app and apply ASO positioning techniques. To be successful it is necessary to carry out these actions:

First, facilitate navigation as it will be key. The menus have to be clear as the user must be able to use it quickly and be able to find things in a short time. The simpler and more intuitive it is, the more purchases users will make.

Another point would be to add an internal search engine. These types of buyers who use their mobile phones tend to leave the website or app faster than those who do it from a computer. In addition, they tend to have less patience. The internal search engine should always be there so that they can find what they are looking for in a short time.

An electronic payment method must be included. Payment methods have also evolved over time and therefore it is necessary that you include different options. There are many forms such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay and Amazon Pay.

The growth of m-commerce

The growth of m-commerce in recent times is due to the high demand for applications to be able to make payments through smartphones by users. In addition, more and more people of all ages have this type of phones with an Internet connection. This has been coupled with consumers gaining confidence in this type of payment as security measures and the quality of the experience improves every day.

Advantages and disadvantages of using m-commerce in your business

Among the advantages that we can find in the use of m-commerce for our business is that no additional development is needed, it can be used with the same browser. The purchase process is simpler and with a responsive version it is more agile. Also, this option will help with the segmentation of the target audience.

We can also find some drawback and that is that if a page has too much information it could take too long. That is why we insist on a responsive version, although this could have some extra costs. One help would be to create an app that allows downloading on the different operating systems of mobile phones.

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