What is Jungle Scout

jungle scout


Jungle Scout is a tool that helps you find niche markets on Amazon. As a seller, with this software you will make better decisions about the products you want to sell on Amazon. We can use Jungle Scout as a web application or a Google Chrome extension.

With Jungle Scout we can know annual sales, quality of product sheets, billing and Oportunity Score. Jungle Scout analyzes Amazon markets from: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, United States, Canada, India and Mexico.

How Jungle Scout works

Jungle Scout analyzes some key factors such as number of reviews, ranking of the best seller,among many other aspects. With all the data it collects, it makes a sales estimate and also defines a specific niche. To find a profitable product we have to invest a lot of time.

Jungle Scout is the largest database in the industry. It stores more than one million Amazon Sales data each month. A team of experts constantly analyzes and processes data about the ownership of new business models.

Jungle Scout Database

With the Jungle Scout database we will easily find any product. We can find them through keywords, category or custom filters. This allows us to save time when we want to sell on Amazon. With Jungle Scout we will have access to the following information:

• Products that are in high demand, but do not have a good marketing strategy.
• Products of high demand, but of low quality.
• Products with a good ROI.
• Products with high demand, but low competition.
Manufacturing cost.

All this data can be filtered by Best Seller Rank maximum and minimum. In addition, by price, sales, ratings and reviews. We can adjust the filters as we want and even save them. All the results we obtain can be exported in CSV.

With Jungle Scout we can find suppliers following some search criteria. We achieve this thanks to the product database. We can also locate suppliers through the ASIN of the products we want to sell.

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