What is Internal Marketing

Internal MarketingDefinition:

It is known as internal marketing or endomarketing,to all strategies, tactics and actions focused on improving the quality, well-being and performance of the workers of a company.

It is a discipline on the rise today. It starts from the idea that the better the conditions and situation of a worker, the better the business activity, the commitment to work on the part of the employee and therefore the relationship with customers, as well as coordination at work and the work environment. This branch of marketing starts from the premise that “the most important customers of your company are your workers”, and is constantly growing.

Examples of a good use of this discipline are companies such as Google or Apple.

Elements of internal marketing

Any internal marketing strategy must be developed taking into account four fundamental elements:

  1. The worker. It is the recipient who must be convinced of the company’s bonanzas, the importance of its work and its influence on the results.
  2. The company. In this case, it is somehow the product that should be sold through marketing. The goal is to convince the employee of the benefits of belonging to your organization.
  3. Internal communication. It is the fundamental channel to implement the strategy. It is very important that it is a horizontal communication, in which the company receives feedback on what its workers think of it.
  4. The management team. They are responsible for exercising the sales force.

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