What is Implementation



The word implementation is often used in the world of technology to describe the interactions of elements in programming languages. In the context of software or hardware application, implementation encompasses all after-sales processes that participate in something and work in your environment, including requirements for analysis, installation, configuration, customization, running, testing, system integrations, user training, delivery, and making the necessary changes.


Web Analytics Implementations

Through the implementation of web analytics tools, it seeks to optimize its processes in a generalized way. Through this process, technical measurement needs are met for each business, so it must be individual for each company and personalized. The implementations are made based on previously determined KPIs, so that the dimensions and metrics required to be able to make an analysis and draw relevant conclusions based on filedignos data are collected.

Phases of a Web Analytics Implementation

A web analytics implementation covers the following phases:

  1. Definition of objectives and KPIs.
  2. Selection of the most appropriate Web Analytics tool.
  3. Technical configuration.
  4. Validation.