What is F-Commerce



F-Commerce refers to e-commerce that takes place in the Facebook environment. It is a modality of the so-called Social Commerce, which takes advantage of social networks to sell all kinds of products without having to make a large investment. The Facebook store allows you to complete the purchase process in two ways: entirely within your environment, or with a start on the social network and a finish on the company’s website.

What is F-Commerce for?

The low cost is one of the main advantages of an f-commerce, especially for small companies that do not have enough budget to maintain another type of digital support. Facebook itself recommends using this modality for the sale of clothing, beauty products, accessories (such as bags and suitcases), home furnishings orchildren’s products.

Despite the fact that the social network par excellence has slowed its growth in recent years and has lost the majority of young audiences in favor of Instagram, Facebook currently has 2,167 million active users in a month (June 2018). Therefore, it continues to be a gigantic showcase with endless opportunities for online sales.


How to create an f-commerce

Launching an f-commerce is a very simple process. First of all, it is necessary to create a company page in which the storetab will later be added. If ecommerce already exists outside of Facebook, simply link Shopify, WooCommerce, or the tool that has been used and the products in the catalog will appear. If, on the other hand, the store is only going to be available on the social network, it is necessary to enter the products manually.

In addition to the product registration with its full features, the f-commerce owner can also do the following actions:

  • Make a personalized inventory with the products of the store
  • Establish a communication channel with customers.
  • Get recommendations on the page.
  • Get insights on product ads.

There are a lot of payment tools to start the activity in a hassle-free f-commerce. Some of the most popular are Beetailer, Tiendy, Shoptab, and Shopify.


Tips to succeed with an f-commerce

Achieving success with an e-commerce on Facebook is not so complicated if you follow a series of basic recommendations. In any case, we must bear in mind that it is an environment with great competition, so it is essential to earn the trust of the potential client. Here are some useful tips to start an f-commerce:

  1. Create a username for the page that is representative and easy to locate by potential customers.
  2. Respond with the maximum speed the doubts and queries of the users. A good job at this point can ensure success at the next.
  3. Get good ratings and recommendations on the page to build trust. This will help increase the number of potential buyers.
  4. Include information about the physical store,if it exists, to encourage users to visit it.
  5. Use the company page bio as a showcase,especially whenever a new product is included in the catalog.
  6. Present the products with quality images and value-added content to encourage purchase.
  7. Create community feeling with exclusive promotions and discounts for fans.
  8. Take advantage of other social networks,such as Instagram or Twitter, and even e-mail marketing to promote the Facebook store.
  9. Link the analytics tools of the application used with those of Facebook and Google Analytics to obtain reliable data on the behavior of users on the f-commerce page.
  10. Use an application that allows you to complete the entire purchase process without leaving the Facebook environment. It will prevent cart abandonments and dispel user trust.