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Campaign optimization in TikTok Ads

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With over 15 billion unique monthly users worldwide, Tiktok has opened up its network to advertisers and is becoming an essential platform for reaching a multitude of active audiences through video advertising.

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Choosing an expert advertising agency on TikTok means guaranteeing you the best experience for your campaigns on the platform. Social Ads agency consultants are trained to keep their skills up to date in optimizing TikTok Ads campaigns.

TikTok Ads Agency

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Branded Effects

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Profitable TikTok Ads campaigns

TikTok Ads

This is how we get TikTok Ads campaigns that work


Competition study

We carry out a study of the positioning of the competitors both in organic results and in payment. In this way we detect their strengths (to imitate them) and their weaknesses (to take advantage of them)

Análisis de métricas

Metrics analysis

What is not measured can not be improved. We analyze both TikTok Ads metrics to detect the segments that work best to empower them and the worst to avoid them.

Campaign optimization

Campaign optimization

Campaigns have to be alive, and they don't always stay stable. We test campaign types, bid types, matches and keywords to stay with the best options.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

We test both ads and landing pages. That way we can see which ads, creatives and landings work best and make changes accordingly.

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Our TikTok Ads services they are personalized and adapted to each project. Contact us and we will study your case in detail.

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