Big Data & Business Intelligenge Consulting

To find solutions and increase our clients’ chances of success, we apply Business Intelligence and Big Data techniques that fit every business model.

Big Data: all the information boiled down

Indexing large amounts of non-structured information is the main objective of Big Data, in which a large volume of data is worked upon and organized quickly and effectively, helping to study the business in depth and to observe results that are not otherwise visible.

We use the best tools for Big Data, such as Hadoop, Mapreduce, Scoop and Flume. Based on a business model of support and distribution, we focus on the 3 essential "V’s" of Big Data:

  • Volume: data, tables, files...
  • Variety: structured or unorganized data.
  • Velocity: processes, real time, streaming...

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) aims for the analysis of enterprise systems in order to identify potential problems and make better decisions that can positively influence results.

At Arimetrics, we use the best tools for BI, such as IBM Cognos Enterprise, Tableau, Jaspersoft and QlikView. We are specialized in Business Intelligence studies, based on four key points:

  • Market information.
  • Knowledge of the company’s area.
  • Decision-making.
  • Positive actions with optimal results.


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