Migration to Google Analytics 4

Universal Analytics will stop  working in July 2023. We implement advanced GA4 measurements so that your digital strategy is not affected or you lose any history.

Experts in GA4

Now that Google Analytics forces us to migrate from Universal Analytics to GA4, it’s time to review the measurement strategy of any business.

This is, in addition to an inconvenience for all users accustomed to working with Universal Analtyics, a great opportunity for improvement.

It is time, not to migrate, but to have an advanced measurement, focused on the customer journey, and prepared for the disappearance of Cookies.

How to do a GA4 deployment

The objective is not to transfer an old measurement to the new system, with the same structure, but to make the most of the functionalities that GA4 offers. We design a measurement strategy adapted to each business model.

Things to consider


The urgency is real, since if an implementation is not carried out as soon as possible, in July 2023 you will not have a history with which to compare the metrics.

Event-based system

The new measurement is based on events, and without limits when categorizing them, which requires a prior definition. This is extremely important because it will be the basis of measurement in the coming years.

Tag Management

Google Tag Manager is still the most effective way to perform google analytics implementations in its new version. We are specialists in Google Tag Manager.

Towards the future Cookieless

GA4 offers more data controls for users to better manage how they collect, retain, and ultimately use analytical data. It is the basis of the future measurement without Cookies.

In Arimetrics we take care of the migration to Google Analytics 4, from the definition of kpis, categorization of events and requirements of the dataLayer to the implementation with Google Tag Manager.

We have made measurements for:

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