Integration into marketplaces

Integration and synchronization of stock stores with marketplaces

Waadby Integration Solution

How to sell on platforms like Amazon, Ali Express, Ebay...?


WAADBY DATA MARKET is a connectivity platform that allows you to develop your business on the internet through the main online sales platforms or Market Place without the need for an online store.

With WAADBY DATA MARKET you can provide the information of your products to the main online comparators, so that they refer their products in their online store or in the sales platforms or Market Place of their choice, promoting the products and raising your sales.

With this platform, among other functions, it allows you to efficiently manage the information of the products, develop online market strategies to introduce your products, manage the price of the same to be the most competitive, monitor that a stock break does not happen that penalizes your positioning as a premium supplier in the Market Places.

How does Marketplace integration work?

Thanks to Waadby’s technology you can connect your product inventory from one or more files with our platform, and this information will be sent to your favorite Market Places and Price Comparators.

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