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Profitable advertising campaigns in Google Ads. We optimize campaigns with efficiency criteria. We successfully manage Google Shopping, Search, Display and Remarketing campaigns.

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Agency specialized in Google Ads

Arimetrics is a Google Partner Agency specialized in Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords). We manage search campaigns, Google Shopping, Display, Remarketing, Apps…

We have a team of professional managers with international experience. Our main objective is that all our managed campaigns obtain maximum profitability for our clients thanks to our experience in the sector.

Google Search


Campaigns aimed at attracting users who are looking for your product.


Campaigns with banners that will appear in the media that your customers visit.

Google Shopping


We create and optimize data feeds to advertise your ecommerce products.

Remarketing Ads


Remarketing strategies to impact again the users who have already visited you.

Google Video Ads Youtube


We manage video campaigns on Youtube, with all formats and types available.

Anuncios de descargas de Apps

App Campaigns

We created Universal Apps Campaigns for mobile app downloads.

Advantages of advertising in Google Ads

Google Ads Agency

Profitable campaigns in Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly Adwords) is the pay-per-click advertising platform (best known in the digital marketing sector)

This online advertising platform is the fastest and most effective way to advertise business on the internet if done correctly,

The Google Ads ad platform has a large advertising market share. This makes it a high-quality showcase to reach potential customers.

Search engine ads are a great marketing opportunity to attract customers with direct purchase intent. This is because when someone searches for a product or a service, the first thing they do is google that product.

Do not wait for your competition to get ahead taking advantage of advertising in search engines. With a Google Ads Agency like ours, you will be able to increase your turnover quickly and effectively.

Agency specialised in SEM and PPC

FAQ about our PPC service

We specialize in helping our customers give visibility to their products and maximize their sales through Ads in Google Ads.

We put our experience as an Agency in Google Ads in hundreds of projects at the service of our clients, so that in the shortest possible time we will have the campaigns underway and we will start the optimization process.

Through an exhaustive measurement of the metrics we will optimize the account with the aim that its performance improves month by month.

First of all we arrange with the client a meeting in which all aspects related to the service or product to be announced are discussed.. Based on this, the management budget and the most appropriate work planare established.
We collect information about the industry and competitors to create campaigns with maximum focus and accuracy.

Then, we carry out the management of the Google Ads account. The account will always be owned by the customer, who will enter their card or bank account so that Google can make the


We periodically contact the client to inform you of the evolution of the campaign and obtain your feedback. Once a month we send a personalized report with all the relevant information.
Likewise, our clients have telephone and email support with direct contact with your account manager.

Google Ads search ads appear at the top of the Google search engine or at the bottom, depending on how well they are among other factors, and may also appear on the Google affiliate site network.

In the case of Display and remarketingads, ads can be shown on specialized portals, press…

Google Shopping ads are displayed at the top or side, in the Google Marketplace, as well as on Google-affiliated sites.

In our Google Ads Agency we offer personalized services, and we understand that each project has different requirements. Therefore, before bidding, we like to know the project in detail, to define its scope and offer a price adjusted to the maximum but with sufficient dedication to achieve success.

The cost of our management (Agency Cost) does not include the cost of the campaigns, which will be paid directly to Adwords.


Arimetrics is a consultancy specialized in PPC and web analytics,with great accumulated experience in the management of SEM projects:

  • We are Google Partners:Approved and with direct support from Google. You can check our partner profile here.
  • Advanced measurement:In all our projects we apply all our analytical knowledge, and we measure each and every one of the relevant aspects of a website to improve and optimize it.
  • Own methodology:We guarantee a periodic maintenance of all accounts thanks to our internal management systems.
  • Certification:All our Adwords managers are certified and have demonstrable experience in account management.
  • Data-driven decisions:We are certified analysts, specialists in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and our entire strategy is based on measurement.
  • Conversion-oriented:Our main objective is for our customers to maximize their sales thanks to our good campaign management
Transparency is fundamental to us. That is why the account is always owned by the client,to which he will have access at all times.

Yes, we make a personalized, complete and understandable monthly report,in which not only the main metrics are analyzed, but advanced metrics, the evolution of the account, as well as proposals for improvement and next optimization steps.

In Arimetrics we boast of having an important portfolio of safisfechos clients and we operate by default without commitment of permanence and with 15 days of notice, unless the client expressly requests a guaranteed support contract for a certain period.

Google Ads management oriented to sales and profits

When you pay per click, you have to pay off every euro you invest. Currently in most sectors there is such a high level of competition that campaigning in Google Ads correctly is not enough. With the right strategy and implementation, we can skyrocket your sales and profits.

We have a complete domain of the Google Ads platform. we are Google Partners, we are up to date with all the changes and news and we apply them directly to our customers.
Our team of Google Ads specialists has managed campaigns in virtually every industry We apply proven strategies that we know work.

We have the knowledge and the best tools to carry out keyword studies, research competitors and optimize the ROI (return on investment) of your campaigns. So you can dedicate yourself to what you do best: sell and manage the customers that will reach you through the campaigns.

Do you need profitable Google Ads campaigns?

Our Google Ads services are personalized and adapted to each project. Contact us and we will study your case in detail.

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