What is Wix


Wix is a platform for generating Web pages based on an HTML5 programming language. It allows you to develop web pages easily, based on the cloud that was developed and popularized by the company Wix.



How does it work?

Wix is a Drag & Drop system, that is, it is about drag and drop. In this way, it becomes very intuitive and easy to use, so no programming knowledge is required.

Wix, in addition, offers multiple functionalities among which we can find: add images and video, choose from a wide variety of font types and colors. It also allows you to add forms and icons to link to social networks and Google Maps.

In addition, it offers the possibility to add plugins, e-commerce, contact forms, email marketing, and forums with its websites using a variety of applications developed by Wix.

Wix is a freemium business model. That is, there is the possibility of generating a free hosting with advertising and that owns the domain your tudominio.wix.com or paid hosting with your custom domain … Users can choose from various packages presented by the service.

What is it for? Disadvantages of its use.

Wix is a service to build a website of a business or a blog in a simple way.

Despite this, there are many professionals who do not recommend it for the development of a business. Some of the reasons why its use is not recommended are the following:

  • As the saying goes, cheap is expensive. The free one does not offer its own domain and has Wix advertising. The others, paid, are insufficient depending on the objectives you have with your business. The most basic plan offers 1Gb of traffic on your website, which is very fair if your company begins to grow in visits.
  • If you choose the free domain pack, you will not have your membership. It will be more of a subdomain and everything that is achieved in search engines, wix will be taking it.
  • Some plans display advertising and the Wix logo on the web that has been created. In some of them the Wix logo is shown so that they visit the web know that it has been made with them.
  • The page does not belong to you. This way if you leave, you lose it. If at any time you decide to switch services to WordPress, Joomla or Drupal… Even another similar provider like Weebly or GoDaddy won’t let you migrate the information it contains. You’ll have to create it all from scratch on the other platform.
  • Also if you want to change the template on the platform itself, you lose everything. In this way, if at a later time you decide to change the template, you will have to start from scratch.
  • Positioning on Google is bad. With wix you can add tags to the texts, alternative text to the images and you can even add the page information such as title, description or slug. However, it will not be enough for a good positioning of the web.
  • The loading speed is very slow. One of the fundamental elements when generating a website is that the load is optimal. It is one of the factors that penalizes Google and that makes the positioning not the best.
  • It’s not a responsive version at all. While it adapts to computers and mobiles, it does not adapt to tablets.
  • You have to pay to add the Google Analytics code or the Facebook pixel. Google Analytics is necessary to know the visits you receive and pixel if you intend to make advertising campaigns on Facebook, to know the behavior of users. In most cases it is done for free (WordPress), however here you need to make a payment.
  • You won’t be able to integrate third-party tools. Wix offers its tools, but they are all owned by it. In this way, it will not be possible to explore third-party alternatives.


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