What is Sellics



Sellics is a product classification and optimization software from Amazon. With Sellics you can monitor your competition, optimize rankings, track products,among many others. Sellics has three main packages: “Seller Edition”, “Vendor Edition” and “Agency Edition”.

This software provides us with tools to manage SEO and optimization of product listings and keyword research. We can conduct PPC campaigns, research competitors and manage inventory. The most characteristic thing about Sellics is how it gets data and metrics from Amazon. This data is transcribed in a clear and easy-to-digest way.

Features of Sellics

In all Sellics packages we can find:

  • A/B Testing
  • Tools for keyword search, tracking and analysis. You will be able to research your own Kw and those of your competitors.
  • Extensive list of tools to carry out an analysis and optimization of product sheets.
  • Facts about: BSR,compare with competitors, PPC performance,profits, returns…

We can also conduct an Amazon sales classification. That is, we can know sales volumes, have a history of sales and prices and keep track of the classifications of our products.

Sellics Tools

The main tool that we can highlight is its Keyword Research.

This is great for finding relevant search terms. But we can also search through the ASIN for a reverse search. We can use your product prospecting tool to explore niche markets. It has a very intuitive dashboard with which to control the stock of products.

On the other hand, we can monitor and improve our rankings since it analyzes our listings. We can also monitor the competition, which is very important to implement a pricing strategy. We can control our campaign performance. We can create automated rules depending on the performance of our keywords. Finally, note that we can manage our reviews, a key factor of SEO on Amazon.

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