What is Quality Score

quality scoreDefinition:

The quality score is a ranking system used by some search engines such as Google to determine if your ad is suitable to be shown in the sponsored space of the search results, in what position it will be shown and the amount that the advertiser will have to pay for each click. The quality score has a great influence on the price and relevance of CPC ads.

The value of the quality score goes from 0 to 10, with 0 being the minimum value and 10 the maximum. This metric can be displayed in the columns of keyword reports in Google Ads.

What does the quality score depend on?

Quality score is how Google rates the quality and relevance of keywords and their PPC ads from 1 to 10. It is used to determine the cost per click (CPC) and is multiplied by its maximum bid to determine the position of the ad in the ad auction process. The level of quality depends on several factors, although it is not officially known it is understood that it affects:

how the quality level is calculated

  • Click-through rate (CTR): The click-through rate in your key factor because it shows Google the relevance between the keyword and the ad. The higher the CTR, the better the level of quality you will have.
  • The performance history of your AdWords (HC) account. Older accounts have a better time scoring their ads.
  • Keyword Repetition (RPC): The keyword should appear in the ad, albeit in a natural way. The ad should be closely related to the keyword.
  • The quality of the landing page and its relevance: Google ensures that the search process is consistent. It is important that the relevance is maintained from the keyword with the ad as with the landing page. The content of the landing page should also be related to the search term.
  • Other factors, such as budget, can influence the level of quality.

No one outside of Google knows exactly how much of each factor “weighs” on the quality algorithm, but it is known that click-through rate is the most important component. A great indicator from Google that these ads are relevant and useful to users is when more people who see an ad click on it. Consequently, Google rewards with a higher level of quality and a lower cost per click those keywords with greater relevance to the search performed.

Advantages of optimizing the quality score

  • Improves ad visibility. A word with the quality level too low may not be displayed or very intermittently.
  • Decreases the Cost Per Click. The higher the QS, the cheaper the bid to appear in the top positions of Google. The search engine rewards the level of quality with savings of up to 50%.
  • It is an indicator of the user experience. The level of quality can serve as a guide to the experience that users have with ads, being a good level of quality important to take care of the contact with the client.

How to improve the level of quality?

  • Add the keyword in your ad. If the ad group consists of many words, the DKI can be used in the copy. Dynamic Keyword Insertion is a function that allows you to dynamically include text in ads through the code: {Keyword: example}. It’s a way to make sure the keyword appears in your ad.
  • Improve the landing page. It is essential that the landing is related to the content of the ad and the search term. But, they also affect other factors such as loading speed.
  • Modify the ad copy to get a better CTR. Using CTAs (calls to action) and playing with text can improve the level of quality.
  • Changing the type of match can improve the level of quality, even changing the order the quality score can be affected.

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