What is Piwik PRO Tag Manager

piwik pro tag manager


Piwik Pro Tag Manager is the tag manager developed by Piwik Pro for tag management. It is a tool with advanced functionalities and whose main features include its compliance with the European regulation on privacy protection. This makes it the only tool of its kind for which it is not necessary to display a cookie notice.

The Piwik PRO tag manager

The interface of Piwik PRO Tag Manager is very similar to that of Google Tag Manager, allowing you to manage tags, triggers, or rules, and variables. It has native templates and tags for the most widespread solutions such as Google analytics, Piwik, Adwords,  Optimizely, ClickTale, Qualaroo, CrazyEgg, etc …

For those tools in which there is no native solution, an html tag can be easily created in which the integration script is integrated. In addition to a large selection of built-in tag templates, Piwik PRO Tag Manager allows users to use custom content, set tag sequences, and much more with custom HTML tags.

You can manage tags asynchronously, so loading tags in parallel reduces page load time. Currently Piwik Pro Tag Manager is offered in the paid version of Piwik PRO on-premises.

Privacy at Piwik Tag Manager

Privacy has always been a priority at Piwik PRO. That is why an opt-out generator has been included and that all its tags have a box that when activated makes them respect the general privacy policy of the site defined globally.

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