What is Mint


Mint is an extensible web analysis program, with a very simple interface in which you can study the visits, references, most popular pages and searches made at a glance through your dashboard.

Mint Features

The tool lacks advanced features, such as testing, integration into social networks and mobile application, etc. At the same time, Mint,due to its simplicity and ease of use, is ideal for beginners and small businesses who want to start measuring results. It also has some free add-ons that can be used for advanced features.

It has functions such as Agent, which shows the different browsers and their versions, platforms, most common resolutions or versions of the flash plugins, or Bird Feeder, which reveals the patterns with which the subscriptions of the last week, month or year are provided, as well as the clicks on the individual elements that provide said subscriptions. This tool stands out because it is downloadable and you only have to make a single payment at a very competitive price, shows statistics in real time, is customizable, you can see the traffic generated through images and presents a special feature called “Peppermill“.

Mint Features

mintThe tool has free plugins such as Pepper, which extends the catalog of functions of the base product. Everything is fully configurable and customizable through the tool’s Peppermill feature. Through Mint,you can objectively see how visitors react to a website, as well as the type of content that users like the most, in order to optimize the one that receives fewer visits.

The installation of Mint is very simple, as well as its simple configuration, and does not require much time to get it up and running. A remarkable feature is its simple and compact visual interface, which automatically adjusts to the size of the browser window used. It has a fixed and unique price of 30 dollars for each website that wants to analyze, making it one of the best options for quality / price.