What is LinkedIn Stories

linkedin stories


LinkedIn Stories is a feature of the social network specialized in business contacts LinkedIn. It consists of publishing photographs or videos of 20 seconds to which you can integrate text, mentions and stickers. Once 24 hours have passed, this publication disappears.

Due to the popularity of ephemeral content, LinkedIn has implemented this form of publication to be able to compete with the rest of existing social networks.

This functionality is similar to those that can already be found on other social networks such as Instagram or Facebook.

Benefits for Marketing Strategy

As LinkedIn is a social network to increase professional contacts, using stories generates certain business benefits:

  • It increases the interaction between companies, human resources personnel and users looking for new employment opportunities.
  • It humanizes companies,which can use this functionality to show what the company is like inside and present the work team that makes it possible for the work to be done.
  • It increases user engagement and brand visibility of companies, the way in which traffic on business websites increases.

Factors to consider to make LinkedIn Stories

To make a linkedin stories post impact a prospective customer, a clear strategy must be followed. It is not good for a company to publish Stories that do not follow a specific objective.

Valuable content should always be provided, so it is advisable that publications have useful information about the company and what it does. The publication of current news concerning the sector and the achievements that the company achieves for its good results, are two contents likely to interest your target audience.

Publishing on LinkedIn Stories is a way to promote the brand image, in a social network that facilitates business contacts. The most advisable thing is that the publications are impactful, so that potential customers or collaborators differentiate a brand from its competition.

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