What is Link farm


Link Farm
is a concept to define websites that connect communities and users in general to generate links or content that serve as backlinks. The purpose is to improve the positioning of the linked websites. It is a practice that is closely linked to Black Hat SEO.

However, search algorithms continue to evolve and search engines increasingly reward the quality of content and the natural location of links. In other words, they increasingly reward quality over quantity. All this has culminated in the fact that the conglomerates of websites that resorted to these practices are clearly in decline. Before they were generated as a way to improve the Page Rank but today their use does not suppose an incentive due to the growing risk of penalty.

We can not confuse it with web directories, since what they do is link, but giving context and that have as their ultimate purpose to help visitors.

What are links farms for?

Link farms are used for the following reasons:

  • Time saving: carrying out content marketing strategies, in a natural way, requires time and dedication. However, the links farms achieve in a very short time what would naturally mean a much longer period.
  • Improved positioning: until not long ago they helped to achieve a better organic positioning, mainly in Google.

What are the problems of using link farms?

Until a few years ago, it was a technique that worked with hardly any drawbacks. Currently search engines have evolved and increasingly identify spam, PBNs (private blog networks) and other methods of black hat.

Currently, the use of link farms is penalizable by Google for contravening its policies. In this way, if it detects any type of link farms, it will be completely removed from the search engine index and with it, users will not be able to access it.

In truth, Google penalizes any website that is connected to these farms. Google no longer only looks at the number of links there are, but also the quality of them. Links that have no relationship to the content or that do not have content are devalued by search engines.

Therefore, using link farms will only bring us negative aspects, so it is best to refrain from using this technique and bet on a natural linking.

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