What is Clubhouse



Clubhouse is a social network intended for podcasters,that is, the content we find are audios. This social network has just landed for iOS devices. Clubhouse is divided into rooms where a theme is treated. When we access a room, we can participate in the topic of discussion or simply be a mere spectator. Normally, a number of people who can speak is usually established. But the app offers the option of being able to raise your hand. A function that we can talk to if we wish.

Everything that happens in Clubhouse is live, broadcast in real time. These podcasts are not recorded, also, they can not be played whenever we want. Clubhouse can bring together a maximum of 5,000 participants.

How does Clubhouse work?

Users of this social network can only communicate by audio. It is similar to a conference, where a user creates a room and sends invitations. In this room a topic is discussed or a presentation is given. The creator of the room who acts as moderator, can allow you to intervene or also expel you.

It is considered an ephemeral app. This is because once the gathering is over and the room is closed, nothing will be left in storage.

How to register with Clubhouse?

This social network is still landing. For now it is only available for iOS devices. In addition, in this social network can not register anyone, since it is only accessed by invitation. Users who are inside the app have a limited number of invitations. These invitations are renewed fulfilling certain criteria such as attending a certain number of rooms.

At an event, Clubhouse Co-Founder Paul Davison revealed that the company is working to launch this app for Android. They also want to remove the requirement to be able to access by invitation only. The company wants it to be open to all audiences in the future.