What is Brand Analytics

Brand AnalyticsDefinition:

Brand Analytics is an Amazon feature that is only available to sellers of a brand. That is, this seller will have to be part of the brand and in turn be a seller on Amazon.

The main function of Amazon Brand Analytics is to assist or guide in the strategic decision making of the brand. You will also be well informed about the catalog of your products. All this will help you to propose a good advertising and marketing campaign based on the data collected with the tool. The data we’re going to get from Brand Analytics is a combination of brand-specific and Amazon-specific data. It will help us develop a better strategy to win more transactions from regular customers.

What data do I get with Amazon Brand Analytics?

Amazon will provide us with data on the most common search terms. We also know the products that receive the most clicks with each search term. In addition, we will know the demographic data and how the customer behaves when making the purchase.

With this tool we will obtain very important information about keywords and know our main competitors. We will know the search popularity of each product. We will identify competing products that perform well or better than ours. In turn, we can identify problems that our products are having with the titles or images. Another advantage of this tool is that we will obtain keywords to know how to focus our advertising campaign. We will determine if our campaign attracts unique customers or if they are repeating a purchase.

How to access Brand Analytics

Once registered in Brand Registry, the Brand Analytics option will appear in our account. For both Vendor Central and Seller Central, this option will appear under Reports.

More and more users are taking advantage of this tool. This is beneficial to both Amazon and brands. For both it is produced in an online market suitable and adapted for all consumers.

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