What is Amazon Transparency

Amazon Transparency


Amazon Transparency is an Amazon program that serves to protect brands from counterfeiting. It can be used on other platforms and shops, both online and physical. It helps users verify the authenticity of the product they have purchased.

How it works

Sellers sign up on the platform and Amazon provides them with a unique code for each product manufactured. Users, using a mobile app for iOs and Android, can scan this code to verify that the item is original. Each product manufactured must carry this code, so each product carries a unique code linked to its manufacturing identifier. Within the information included in the authenticity verification there may be other types of data such as the date and place of manufacture or any other type of information that the brand wants to add.

Benefits of Amazon Transparency

The Amazon Transparency program has several advantages for brands that choose to work with it. The main benefit is that when brands use these codes, Amazon searches for them and scans them in their fulfillment centers to make sure the shipment is authentic. Products that do not pass this verification check will be investigated for counterfeit cases.

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