What is Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly


Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly is a certificate that certain products that meet specificsustainability needs within a series of external certifications with which Amazon has partnered.

In addition, he has created his own, Compact by Desing. This certificate aims to create packaging con more efficient designs. To do this, excess water or air is eliminated in the manufacture of the packaging of the products. In this way your shipment becomes more efficient.

Sustainability with Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly

Amazon has partnered with different entities and associations to be able to include in its products these certifications that help in the fight against climate change. These are certificates that qualify as trustworthy, transparent and with an interest in the preservation of the environment. It is an initiative of Amazon with which it aims to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement in 10 years and have 0 carbon emissions in 2040.

Compact by Desing

Compact by Desing is the certification that Amazon has created to include it within these sustainable seals. It identifies those products that have a more efficient design. The criteria that these products must meet is that they are manufactured by eliminating excess air and water, so they reduce their packaging. So your shipping also becomes more efficient.

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