What is Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution


Amazon Attribution is an analytics and measurement console built to help brands track their advertising performance. With this tool you can discover how digital marketing campaigns that are carried out in other sales channels help boost sales within Amazon.

How do I use Amazon Attribution?

This tool is used to unify metrics. Marketers simply sign up and start creating ad campaigns from the tool. This will provide them with a code or label that is added to the products they are going to advertise. This way the follow-up is done.

Amazon Attribution aims to unify the measurement and analytics of different advertising campaigns to help sellers better understand the return on investment, or ROI, of digital advertising. This includes search, social media and email marketing campaigns, among others.

Advantages for sellers

One of the main advantages is being able to see in a single console the measurements of all the campaigns at the same time. This serves to analyze the ads and interpret the data to remake the campaigns that are not working well and focus them towards better use. That is, advertising campaigns can be optimized to the maximum.

Another advantage is that some of the data offered by the tool are standard traffic metrics such as impressions per click and more detailed ones such as the pages viewed by each customer or the products you have added to the basket. In addition, downloadable reports are generated.

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