What is Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising


Amazon Advertising is Amazon’s PPC (Pay per click) platform, where sellers can advertise the products they are selling through this Marketplace. The operation is similar to other PPC platforms such as Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, but focused solely on the sponsorship of products on Amazon.

In Amazon Advertising, advertisers can have different strategies to be able to impact customers, either placing campaigns in specific locations or segmenting by audiences.

How does Amazon Advertising work?

Amazon Advertising, as we have said, does not differ much from other PPC platforms, where the advertiser will only pay when a user clicks on their ad. As in Google Ads, the quantity and quality of impressions is what determines whether an ad runs and where it’s published.

Ads on Amazon Advertising are for specific products and are linked to the product listing in question within the Marketplace.

Types of campaigns in Amazon Advertising

To choose a type of campaign in which to advertise an ASIN,you must first take into account the sales objectives you want to achieve.

Once the strategy is drawn up, three types of campaignscan be made:

  • Sponsored products: These are displayed when a user makes a specific search. With these ads you want to reach buyers who have a clear purchase intention.
  • Sponsored brands, which are aimed at increasing brand branding. Depending on the Keywords, the ad may appear above the searches in banner format.
  • Display Ads,which display featured ads in banner format at the top of the results page. For these campaigns, keyword targeting is not used, but by product categories, buyers’ interests and by the ASIN.

Where can I find Amazon Advertising ads?

Products are promoted at the top of the results page. They differ from the organic results achieved by doing SEO on Amazon because it is indicated in a text that it is a sponsored product.

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