What is Amazon Accelerator


Amazon Accelerator Program Amazon Accelerator is the program that allows manufacturers or brands to sell their products within the Amazon catalog. Thanks to it, companies can grow quickly within the market. The sales of these companies become exclusive to Amazon.

What Amazon Accelerator is for?

The main objective of this program is to grow brands faster, since on Amazon they can have exclusive visibility. In addition, this also contributes to the growth of Amazon’s product catalog. The manufacturers are in charge of sending the products to the warehouse of this Marketplace and they are in charge of selling and distributing them. It is the companies that must apply to enter this program. Once the brands belong to this program they become suppliers exclusively for Amazon.

Advantages for companies

The advantages that companies have when they decide to register for this program are multiple. One of the main ones is metrics tools or premium content. The products of these brands may have a special place on the sales page for their best-selling products or those that have better reviews. Sellers will also have special communication channels and free Amazon Vine reviews.

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