What is Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly certificate and how it helps with sustainability

Amazon has a new program to recognize those products that make improvements in any aspect of sustainability. This is the Climate Pledge Friendly certificate. This certificate is awarded to products that meet a number of requirements within various sustainability criteria within a wide range of external certifications that Amazon has partnered with.

The Marketplace platform has in turn created its own certification, Compact by Desing. The goal is to create packaging with more efficient designs. Although at first it may seem that these articles are not very different, they are. Excess air and water are removed and in this way the products require less packaging and shipping becomes more efficient.

Climate Pledge Friendly aims to support climate engagement. It is an Amazon initiative aimed at achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement in 10 years and having 0 carbon emissions in 2040.

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Climate Pledge Friendly Certificate

Requirements to access the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly certificate

In order for a product to meet the requirements that Amazon requests to achieve the Climate Pledge Friendly certificate, it is important to be endorsed by one of the sustainability certifications indicated on their website or the one they have created with Compact by Design. Amazon has partnered with a variety of organizations, labs, and government agencies with which they identify sustainable products.

They are certifications that qualify as trustworthy, transparent and with interest in the preservation of the environment. They will continually examine all of these certifications to continue to include the best in the landscape to help users make more sustainable purchases.

The associations and entities with which Amazon collaborates can be checked on its website.

Here, we will also find all the links to their external websites. In this way you can obtain all the necessary information of each seal and all the necessary requirements to qualify for it.

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What is Compact by Desing?

This is a new certification that Amazon has created. Compact by Design identifies products that have a much more efficient design. Items are manufactured by removing excess air and water, so they require tighter packaging. In this way it is possible to make the shipment also more efficient. The differences in size with respect to normal packaging mean that, being smaller, more items are shipped at the same time and thus reduce a part of carbon emissions.

compact by Desing Amazon

How can these products be purchased?

When a user performs a search to buy any item on Amazon they will see the Climate Pledge Friendly label on those products available with this certificate. It will also appear within the product page, where you can see all the information about the certifications that are included within this program against climate change.

Climate Pledge Friendly products