The importance of your performance ratios on Amazon

The sale of products on Amazon provides interesting advantages over full commerce, but it also means facing a high degree of demand from the leading global Marketplace. Failing to meet the performance targets demanded by the platform can lead to the closure of your Seller account. That’s why it’s key to maintain optimal performance ratios and track metrics on a daily basis.

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Performance of your Amazon account

The tab dedicated to your account status includes both your performance goals and the mandatory policies for selling on Amazon. The purpose of this collection is none other than to ensure that sellers abide by the requirements of the purchase service. The statistics that are reviewed are very diverse (the valuations of buyers or the number of overdue orders, for example) and, for reasons of trust and credibility, can be consulted by the customers themselves.

What happens when your account data fails to meet the objectives set by the platform? Well, it’s not Apollo 13, but here we also have a problem . As you can imagine, these guidelines are not optional. No exceptions: Amazon will take appropriate action and, as we indicated at the beginning, you run the risk of your account being deactivated.

How to improve your performance

Be clear that Amazon inspects all accounts on its platform. If you’ve received a notification related to the performance of yours, get your batteries on! It means that your performance as a salesperson is far from the goals set by the company. It is a reason to be alert, but it is advisable to remain calm and interpret this warning as an opportunity to improve your ratios. One keep calm & get down to work in every way, basically.

Checking which measures affect your account is simple. As the name suggests, just access the Account Status page: your breaches are reflected there. Simply review which actions violate Amazon’s selling policies , and then proceed accordingly.

Remember that the faster you act to correct problems, the easier it will be to maintain a “Good” statement. Of course, be patient, the changes of state are not immediate! The term of the updates usually ranges between 24 and 48 hours.

Critical KPIs in operations

In the Amazon dashboard you will find a lot of information about the different indicators of your account. Paying attention to this dashboard will allow you to track your brand’s operations and detect those critical KPIs in your operations. Burn this list to avoid problems:

Seller account deactivated

As stated from Seller Central, the detection of “evidence of non-compliance with contractual terms, local laws, regulations, tax requirements or any other illegal or fraudulent activity” may lead to the deactivation of the account. Or, put another way: here Amazon sets the rules of the game and, if you do not want to be removed, you must follow all the terms, conditions, policies and applicable laws of the platform. Without further ado.

Of course, the status level of your account will depend on both the number of policy violations you haven’t resolved and the severity of each of your breaches (Good Status? At Risk? Critical?) Other factors, such as the degree of customer satisfaction, are also taken into account in determining your status (a positive impact on consumers can make all the difference!).

You have to know that, given the restriction of your sales permissions, there is the possibility of appealing to be able to reset your account. Although in this article we are not going to delve into this aspect, we invite you to take a look at our post How to reactivate an account in Seller Central and we remind you of the need to have a action plan detailed setting out the measures to be taken to address performance issues. Do not forget the importance of clarity and conciseness in the presentation of the facts!


As you have read, there is no magic formula that guarantees optimal performance ratios or a good account statement. Periodically reviewing your metrics is essential to avoid future inconveniences. If you do not have the necessary time required for management and verification tasks, we encourage you to assess the possibility of having professional support to take care of this type of management.

Although selling through this Marketplace requires paying attention to many factors, the interesting opportunity to access new customers and markets that it offers compensates for the fact of having to adjust to its guidelines. After all, if in Spain there are already more than 40 million products listed on the platform, it will be for something, right?