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Reasons to advertise in Bing Ads

Google has been synonymous with search for years, but other search engines lag far behind. That is the case of Bing, placed in second place and without many differences with the first. So don’t forget that there are many reasons to use Bing Ads to improve our ad campaigns. Sometimes it is necessary to combine both if we want to improve our results.

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The Bing Ads platform

Created in 2009, the Bing search engine has many similarities with Google. Both look similar when we perform a basic search; in fact, except for the typography and logo at the top of the page, it would be easy to confuse one with the other. Obviously, there are quite a few differences between the two, such as that Bing is more visually appreciated among users and makes more autocomplete suggestions than Google – eight versus four – while Google is more popular and has a reputation for being more effective.

As far as its ads platform, Bing Ads,is concerned, the similarities with Google Adwords are many, and we can say without a doubt that anyone who knows the interface of Google Adwords will be able, in a few minutes, to launch a campaign in Bing Ads.

This point may seem like a problem when it comes to placing our advertising, but, either combined with Adwords or alone, the use of Bing Ads can be an advantage in many aspects. At this time, Bing is on the rise considerably its presence on the web, its incoming traffic has nothing to envy to that of Google, and its direct integration from Windows 8.1 on the desktop, without having to open browsers, has made its use much easier and more and more users opt for this search engine.

Bing Ads

Reasons to use Bing Ads

For starters, there’s less competition in Bing. Thus, it is easier to have a better positioning in searches, and also reduces the price of costs per click. What does this mean? More goals and more traffic directed to your page, for much less money.

In addition, Bing Ads allows you to choose the device you want to target your ad:tablet, mobile or desktop, as well as by demographics, specifying the age or even gender of your target audience. In this way, you can directly target the most receptive audience, to a specific market niche.

You also have to take into account the type of user that Bing uses. According to Microsoft’s search engine, on average, its users spend more than $ 500 per month on gourmet-style meals. In addition, they are more likely to travel in first class and 98% are more willing to buy a luxury car in the next 6 months than those who do their research on Google. This also gives us the idea that they are more open to buying the products we offer them.

Depending on the case, it might be advisable to combine campaigns on Google and Bing. If we opt for this option, or migrate everything to Bing, we can import our campaign in Adwords to Bing Ads easily and quickly thanks to the Google Import tool, which also allows us to optimize them for this medium.

Bing users are increasingly popular for its features for searching for trips and videos, already assuming 30% of total traffic in the United States, which represents a third of searches. Taking into account also that Bing Ads clicks on mobile have an annual growth of 166% and its audience also represents 34% of mobile searches, we must not dismiss the use of this service, both economic and effective.