Increase Sales on Christmas Online Shop

Increase the sales of an online store at Christmas

Last-minute Christmas shopping accelerates as the date approaches, as does the number of online businesses trying to make a profit during this time. Obviously, it is the longest sales period of the year in almost all types of markets. It is estimated that for this year the budget in Christmas shopping will increase by 1.5%.

For many buyers, this time also becomes very stressful, due to having to buy forgotten gifts or try to get the most original idea right. Because of this, a large part of consumers have decided to make their purchases on Amazon and on the web from the comfort of their homes. This is a great opportunity for online sellers.

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1. Recommendations for a Christmas e-commerce

The main advantage that virtual stores usually offer at this time is mainly that it avoids large crowds. That is why businesses must be prepared to offer an easy and pleasant shopping experience, which invites repeating.

Spain shows this year a growth of 33% in new ecommerces,which implies more demand from Spanish consumers, as well as more competition. Because of this, it is necessary to highlight and carry out the Christmas campaign in the most optimal way possible.

2. The dropout rate

One of the biggest problems faced by online businesses is the abandonment of the car, which reaches a rate of 71% in Europe. There are many ways to reduce this, but the most effective is to make the experience as simple as possible for customers.

The most common reason for abandonment is an unexpected delivery cost, so it is advisable to reduce these to a minimum or offer offers on such costs. The option to simply click and pick up the product in store can also be offered. It is very important to indicate exactly how the shipment works, to ensure that the order will arrive on time.

The search for the keyword “gifts” is higher at Christmas time

It is also usually a reason for abandonment to have to create an account to continue with the purchase. This holds potential buyers back because they don’t want to go through this tedious and lengthy process. A quick way to prevent them from leaving is to have them identify themselves through social media with a simple click, or offer the option to log in through a guest account.

3. Adapt the design of the website

You have to always take care of the maintenance of the web. If a product is out of stock, it must be indicated immediately or this would only play with the hopes of potential buyers. Also, offering suggestions for similar products can help keep them on the website. It is also a very good option to redesign the page for these dates, showing Christmas motifs that put the consumer in a situation and encourage him to buy Christmas gifts.

To capture the attention of the most indecisive, it is advisable to create recommendations for gifts, which give ideas and encourage purchases. You can group collections by user type or by theme. It is also important to highlight them on the main page and share them through social networks.

It is also good to carry out email marketing campaigns, even at the last minute, to call the most forgetful or lazy to action. When they offer Christmas specials and other incentives, sales increase.