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How to Increase Sales on Amazon

Any seller always wants to increase their sales on Amazon. Nowadays more and more shops and businesses are encouraged to offer their products in this great marketplace. This is because it is a very fast and simple way to sell through the internet without having to have a website or ecommerce. If you want to know how, we tell you everything below.

But generating Amazon sales is not only achieved by uploading your products to the platform. It requires a series of points or keys that we will give you below.

Getting the maximum profit is the goal of any store that is starting its online journey. For this you can opt for the services of a consultancy or agency specialized in marketplaces.

Here are the steps to take to increase sales on Amazon.

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increase sales on Amazon

 Store creation

Official Amazon stores must have a special design. The more attractive or beautiful you look, the more customers will stay in it and, consequently, the more products you will be able to sell. The exterior image is always important to get users to stay longer and thus decide to buy your products. It makes a difference with respect to other stores that offer similar products.

When you create an Amazon Store you get to have within the platform a store that offers a superior service. With this you get it to be focused on your brand and products, as well as generate a value proposition.

Here you can receive traffic from the products organically, such as from the link of the brand name within the product sheets. In addition, it can be used as a landing page in any commercial operation both inside and outside the Marketplace. This will help you improve brand awareness and increase sales opportunities.

Brand strategy

The next step that must be done is to register the brand, as it will be very beneficial to keep Amazon happy and to better position the products. In addition, as in any field of Digital Marketing, a brand strategymust be carried out. For example, perform a keyword search that helps position products to, in turn, help increase sales on Amazon.

The management and updating of the catalog must be done with a certain periodicity. This provides tools to search or query product information within the inventory. Registration will also allow you to start selling internationally. The account should only be set up when we already know in which country or countries we want to sell. It is important that we previously inform ourselves of the regulations and taxes of each country where we decide to sell our products.

Seo on Amazon

Once the products are uploaded, SEO must be done on the tabs and optimize the products to position them. The better they are optimized the higher they will appear in the ranking and the more conversions it will generate. The platform uses several ranking factors to position itself in it and thus appear in the search results. In this article you can see all the information in more detail. Even so, we advance that some of these factors are the keywords or keywords, the sales of the article or the product sheets and even the reviews or reviews.

amazon ads

Amazon Ads

Creating an ad strategy is very useful to publicize your products and increase sales on Amazon.

There are different types of campaigns but the main one to drive growth and sales of a brand is the campaign for a specific product line. In addition, you can also make them for a specific moment or for any other topic.

Each of these campaigns contains a type of ad and aligns with the main goal you intend to achieve, be it sales or brand awareness. They are made through Amazon Advertising and it is very simple to use, similar to Google Ads.

With this type of campaign, your products will appear as sponsored within the platform the moment a person performs a related search.

Analyze the results

Analyzing metrics and data to see if the goal is being achieved is critical in any campaign. It should be checked to change the things that are not working and keep advancing the strategy,as well as to increase sales on Amazon. These metrics can be viewed and tracked even from the last 90 days.

With them we can check the performance of the budget and the impressions that each ad receives per click, since it depends on it that more users are reached. An impression occurs each time your ad is shown. This metric is the count of times a user has seen your ad.

Clicks per impression is another important metric that will help you know if the ad is working well and is having an impact on users. Finally, one of the metrics that can be checked to analyze the performance and result of your ad campaigns is the total sales per click.