SEO on Amazon

How to do SEO on Amazon

To start doing SEO on Amazon we must know that the platform has its own algorithm with its ranking factors. This algorithm is called A9 and starts working before a product search is performed. It looks at different elements to determine which products are better or more relevant within the Marketplace. Some of the aspects it takes into account are the purchase history or the searches carried out.

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Important parameters for SEO on Amazon

Thanks to these elements, it is possible to foresee what are the most interesting aspects that a client is looking for. Through this action it is easier to adapt an SEO strategy on Amazon to get certain products to stand out above the rest. One of the most important points to start carrying out an SEO strategy on Amazon is to use keywords,since it is still the main method of interaction between user and search engine. When they are entered into the system, the keywords determine which are the results that most interest the client. That’s when the ranking factors appear. Therefore a keyword research is essential before you start doing SEO on Amazon.

One of these organic factors that affect the ranking are the categorization and the sales of the productitselves. This means that the better positioned that item is and the higher it appears, the more sales it will have. Just as the more sales you have, the more you will climb in the ranking.

For every sale or download of an item, Amazon counts it with a point. With that score you can go up the list of best-selling products. Each day the points earned during the previous day are added. This figure comes from dividing the total score by two. Amazon ranks the products on the list based on these scores in each category.

Amazon’s algorithm is still a mystery and can only be advanced by testing new techniques. Although what we do have clear is that recent sales and conversion history have a lot of weight in terms of positioning. Therefore, the important thing is to increase the number of sales and conversions of new products when they are in lower positions of the search ranking.

On-page SEO on Amazon

On the other hand, it is worth noting the importance of doing onpage SEO on Amazon in the product sheets. Taking into account the keyword research, which must be done right at the beginning, we will have to create these tabs. Within them we have several very important elements that we must fill in such as:

  • Title: These should be long and detailed with some of the chosen keywords. It is essential to be able to position since it is the first indexing criterion.
  • Description: Creating a very broad description with bullets will help structure the contents of the tabs while helping potential customers.
  • Photos: They are always important. The more photos we put the easier it will be for the user to decide to buy a product. They must have a good resolution and meet certain characteristics such as the white background.
  • Information: It is very important to fill in all the fields of the product sheet so that it reaches a greater number of people when they filter by category.
  • Reviews:  We must not forget that having good reviews about a producto is important for more users to trust and want to buy it.
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EO search terms on Amazon

Metakeywords are the SEO search terms on Amazon that the user does not see but the algorithm does. It is essential to improve the positioning to enter all the keywords related to the product in question. You can use those words that you think will help you appear in search results.


Another tool that you can use in parallel, or complementary, and that has to do with optimization, are Amazon ads using PPC. The Marketplace has its own app for creating ads within the platform called Amazon Advertising.


Categorization on Amazon

In addition, we can not forget the category in which our product is included. Categories are the niche where that item should fit in as it is used to sort them. This helps users find them. For this there are also the subcategories,of more specific sale, which allow to delimit in a greater way the searches.

These two elements must be taken into account to be able to do SEO on Amazon since they will help generate sales. In turn, observing the articles in these categories helps to understand which are the most performed searches and thus get closer to them.