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Google Ads experts: Keys to identifying them

Nowadays on the internet and due to the enormous and growing competition of the sector, it is normal to meet dozens and hundreds of experts, leaders, and specialists of absolutely everything we can imagine. Everyone tries to sell themselves as well as possible to increase their client portfolio and their prestige, but can you know or be sure that all these experts really are?

In this post we reveal the keys that will tell you if an individual or company is really an expert in Google Ads,with the main indicators to take into account, to be on the safe and know that the Google Ads account will be in good hands.

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Key #1: Have your own well-placed ads

Fundamental. If you are an expert in something, what better than to demonstrate it with examples and data that prove it.

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Taking into account the competition that exists in the sector,all those individuals or companies that are positioned on the first page or at most onthe second, will be the ones who really know how to get there to any company by any other keyword. If they are experts, they will find a way. While it is true that sometimes you can get up there by making an excessive investment in Google Ads, ads positioned on the first and second page can give you indications that these experts do their job well and get to be where they want to be.

Key #2: You are a Google partner

To really be an expert in Google Ads it is necessary to have carried out a large number of campaigns, from a large number of clients, and in various sectors, reaching to provide Google with a level of fasignificant cturation; when you have achieved it, Google rewards you with the Partners badge and recognizing you as one of them.

“If someone says they are an expert and not a Google partner or are not part of a group of people who are: bad business”

Experts and Google Partners

It is likely that it is someone who has been in Google Ads for a short time, like many of the new companies or freelancers who try to gain a foothold, selling “expertise” for the fact of having for example the “Google Ads certificate”, which can be taken out without having managed a single account in life.

But being a Google Partner is just an indicator, it is not synonymous with experts. Just as there are companies and freelancers who carry out their work with dedication and always thinking about the client dedicating their necessary time of work, there are others that work by volume of clients, competing at low prices and managing to reach the minimum turnover to be a Google partner, with their badge that endorses them as experts. This is why you need more than just being a Google Partner to consider yourself a true expert.

Key #3: It doesn’t advertise anything that you don’t have a chance to convert

This point is probably the most important of all. A Google Ads agency who has carried out hundreds of campaigns, knows that this tool is only part of the path to success, it only consists of sending paid traffic to a website; if once inside it is not possible for the user to convert and therefore perform the action that gives meaning to the campaign (buy, reserve, subscribe etc.), the campaign is a complete failure unless we are only talking about branding.

experts in google ads consulting

Although the statistics of the ads are wonderful, an expert in Google Ads knows that it is not about competing to have the best ad on Google in the best position; it is about the client achieving their business objectives through that campaign.

Therefore, the expert will always ensure the “smart budget spend”, and will be very aware that those ads and those clicks are part of a goal materialized in a satisfactory experience for the user on the landing page, and that navigation ends in a conversion. Otherwise, it will recommend you not to continue throwing money away, and for this, it is important to know what you should take into account before launching a Google Ads campaign.

Key #4: You are an expert in the management of Google Analytics

The Ads interface provides the manager with a lot of information, but infinitely less information than that provided by Analytics. That is why the Ads-Analytics link, and the experience and specialization with this last tool is something fundamental to be able to analyze in detail everything that happens with paid traffic and what impact the actions that are being carried out have.

Google Ads Specialists

When I use the term expert, of course I do not mean to understand the basic indicators of analytics, make a dashboard, choose KPI’s, and prepare results reports, but to go far beyond the data that by default shows you analytics, create customized and advanced segments and metrics through the use not only of analytics but of other programs, a high level of implementations and configuration and monitoring, and the implementation of constant optimizations, accompanied by periodic recommendations for the improvement of both the Adwords account and the website on which it is working.

Key #5: Constantly research, publish, and document

When hiring a service of this type, it is important to know who is keeping track of you, is there information about this person on the internet? Do you have any published articles? It gives confidence to know that an account is in the hands of someone who has a name on the internet, who is followed in the sector, or who writes about their work.

An expert in this branch is in continuous training, always at the forefront of any Google update,-“ads have changed”, “new extensions”, “new interface features”… and write about it, read blogs of other experts, perform experiments and tests, and always with an eagerness to improve to offer the best services. If an account is going to be carried by someone who does not even exist on the internet, it is time to stop and think about whether it is worth placing trust and investment in it.

These are 5 main keys to keep in mind when identifying true Google Ads experts.

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