Differences between Piwik and Piwik Pro

As Consultants for Matomo (formerly Piwik),one of the frequently asked questions we receive when implementing Piwik in a project is Which Do We Implement, Piwik, or Piwik Pro? What are the differences between Piwik and Piwik Pro? Which version of Piwik should I choose? To get out of doubt, we present here a comparison between Piwik and Piwik Pro:

Table of Contents

1. Piwik

The opensource version of Piwik,also known as Piwik Community, is supported by the broad community of users, led by the official support team that forms the Piwik community, as well as by the company Innocraft. You can install it on your site for free, and even modify the code to your liking. It has very complete and sufficient functionalities for advanced implementations of web analytics. There is also the possibility of changing the aesthetics of the tool, with different templates.

Piwik has a marketplace of plugins,free and paid, to add features such as heat maps, as well as a cloud version, with innocraft support: https://www.innocraft.cloud/

2. Piwik Pro

Piwik PRO is a brand independent of Piwik is supported by the company Clearcode. It is a version based on the opensource solution but with premium features such as:

  • A/B Testing Option
  • Integration with Google Adwords
  • Segment comparison
  • Concurrent visits
  • Integration with Microsoft Sharepoint
  • White label option
  • Password Policy
  • Campaign analysis
  • Click path analysis
  • User Groups
  • Integration with Confluence/ Atlassian
  • Conversion funnels
  • Attribution models
  • Multisite aggregated data
  • App Store Analytics
  • Comparative dashboards

Within Piwik Pro there are two options: Cloud and On Premises

2.1. Piwik PRO Cloud

Piwik Pro Cloud is the most affordable version with plans ranging from €29 per month (up to 100,000 shares per month) to €249/month for the plan of up to 2,000,000 shares.

(The total of actions is the sum of page views, download events, etc …)

2.2. Piwik PRO On Premises

Piwik Pro On Premises is the version installable on its own servers and with support, intended for companies such as financial institutions or public bodies, which have maximum privacy requirements.

For this version, Piwik has a tag manager called Piwik Pro Tag Manager that complies with the strictest data protection policies.

3. Conclusion

Although the opensource version of Piwik is already an excellent tool with which you can make advanced implementations of web analytics, the paid versions (both Innocraft and Piwik PRO) offer a very reasonable value for money and great reliability, if we compare with their competitors in the high segment of more advanced measurement tools and used by corporations and large media.

And in all of them, we will have the advantage that the data remains the property of the user, and the guarantee of having a tool tested by millions of users… with any of the options you choose you will be right.

Which one have we chosen to measure our site? In our case, we have opted for a double implementation of Google Analytics and Piwik installed on our own server.