Create Google Ads Account

Create a Google Ads account Step by Step

Venturing into the world of paid advertising can be a bit intimidating. But as we are going to show creating an account in Google Ads is easier than you think. Google’s platform is the first one we recommend in paid advertising.

In this article we will learn how to establish a Google Ads account as well as the possible configurations that Google allows us, recommendations and tips.

Table of Contents

1. Steps before creating an account in Google Ads

Before starting we must know some concepts to be familiar with the vocabulary of Google Ads:

  • MCC: It is an administrator account that Google provides to Google Ads Agency professionals with the aim of managing one or more accounts from the same location.
  • ID Number: This is the unique number to identify your Google Ads account. Also to link your account with other google services such as analytics or google merchant center. It will be important every time you need support from Google.

Can I create my Google Ads account with my email, or do I have to create my Google Email Gmail account?

It can be done with any type of email but as we are going to show you later it is convenient to do it with a Google email account.

But far from establishing more parameters we will establish the most basic. Such as the choice of country, time zone delimitation, currency type or the importance of establishing an account linked to your Gmail email.

2. How do I create an account in Google Ads?

Let’s start from the basis that none of you have a Gmail account;

  1. Create Gmail account, enter here and create it: .
  2. Once you have created your Google account, let’s start with your Google Ads account, follow this link

The next thing that will appear to you is this screen:


After entering Start now we have two options: The one to enter your email and your web page (not recommended) or Skip the Configuration instructions.

If you choose to enter your email and website, you will choose a more closed route that induces errors for most beginners, in addition to being a much longer process when setting up your account, we really recommend the default option of Skip the Setup instructions.

This process will be much faster and easier.


3. Basic Google Ads settings: Email, Time Zone, Country, and Currency

In this section we will distinguish requirements that we will be able to change once established and others in which Google will not allow you.

Enter your email,it is convenient to do it with a Gmail email because if we do not lose certain access to Google such as Youtube services or the Google search console.

Country: Enter the country where your Google Ads campaigns will be billed, this option cannot be modified once entered.

Time zone: Choose the time zone of your country, it will be determined when displaying the reports and may affect other configuration options such as orientation. This option can only be changed once during the term of the account in the Account Settings, Preferences, Edit and Save Changes option.

Coin: Enter the currency of the country in which the account is being set up. Remember that you will not be able to change the currency that is used for billing and reporting. Adwords only accepts one currency in your campaign formulation. You can see your currency in the Transaction History in the Billing and Payments section.

The most important thing will be the configuration of your account in the country and its currency settings since from the moment you do it you will not be able to change it.


Once established Click on Save and Continue.



4. Once logged in to Google Ads

In the Google Ads Interface we observe the different options that this version offers us.

The Account Identifier (number at the top left); it will be useful to provide it when we need support from Google as well as when we want to give access to other users.

In the upper right there is a wrench that will give us access to a drop-down menu that we use to enter the Billing and Payment option.



5. Payment methods in Google Ads: billing and payments:

We can configure it as a Company or Personal account, where regardless of the type of entity or person, the data to be invoiced must be filled in.

In the Payment Types, a distinction is made between:

Automatic:Advertising costs will be charged 30 days after the last advertising charge, first payment or whenever a predetermined amount known as the payment limit is reached, whichever comes first. This default payment limit in Spain will be 50 euros.

Manual: although previously this way was an option in which it was notified by email when a certain amount was reached and in which much greater control over the costs was obtained, it is currently not available in our country for new accounts.

6. Payment methods to choose in Google Ads

In addition, as a means of payment you can configure a credit card or bank account.

If we choose a Bank account,for security measures Google will make an international transfer to this account an amount that must be entered into the Adwords account this process usually takes between 3-5 days to verify.

If we opt for a credit card as a means of payment, it may take up to 24 hours to verify. If you want to set up your account as soon as possible, we recommend you follow this last process, it is much simpler and faster.

In addition to these steps in the Billing and payments section, different actions can be performed such as:

  • View summary of all transactions
  • Change Payment Methods
  • Check your profile settings
  • Make a payment

We accept the Terms and Conditions to then send, thus closing the process.


7. *Important when creating your Google Ads account: Account access

In this section you can share access to your account, at different levels, to other users and be able to assign attributions to them.

Access Levels



The different levels of users to which you can invite other users are:

  • Administrator: They will be able to receive notifications as well as fully manage any part of your account as well as their campaigns. Grants access to the account as well as change the level of access to users and cancel access or disable them.
  • Standard: Allows you to receive notification emails, but you will not be able to grant access to other users in the account or modify access to existing users.
  • Read only:You will be able to view notification emails, view and generate reports as well as browse the different options of the campaigns.
  • Mail only: Alerts and reports can be received. You won’t have access to your Google Ads account.

Do not forget that once the invitation has been sent and accepted by the user, the administrator must confirm the access.

Access to Billing & Payments: In this section, your administrator determines which users can pay, change payment methods, or receive invoices.


8. Linked Accounts

In the linked accounts section you can link your account as well as the result of your campaigns to:

  • Google Analytics: Measure the result of your campaigns, behavior of your campaigns or which audiences are converting more are some of the actions that you can measure. Of vital importance to link Google Adwords with analytics.
  • Google Merchant Center: Advertise your products in Shooping campaigns or conduct dynamic remarketing campaigns.
  • Youtube: Publish videos and use remarketing to those audiences that interact most with your videos.
  • SalesForce: Get the results of your online campaigns in your offline sales by connecting it with Salesforce. This option will give Adwords permission to import your conversions.



Back to the main menu we have configured our account in Adwords, ready to configure our first campaigns.