Conversion Landing Pages

Conversion Optimization landing pages

In a process of conversion optimization, one of the areas where more emphasis is placed is on landing pages, since that is where you can measure the conversion rate more clearly and where you will quickly see the incidence of any changes we make to the site.

Optimizing a “landing page” is not a simple task, since it is necessary to analyze each and every one of the elements that appear on that page, prioritize them, and finally decide on which ones are going to act or do testing.

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What is a test?

Through testing tools, page traffic is distributed to different versions of the page. Each user is randomly assigned a page version and is marked with a cookie so that on subsequent visits they continue to see the same version.

The tests can be of type A / B (modifying the elements one by one), or of multivariate type (combining variations of different elements in the same test). After a defined duration of each experiment, one of the options is given as the winner, which will be definitively implemented on the site, and begins with the optimization of another element.

Elements to optimize

All the elements of the page are susceptible to be tested, although we can consider the 10 main elements on which optimization tests are usually done:

General elements

1) Logo
2) Holder
3) Header

Product/service elements

4) Product/service description
5) Functionalities
6) Benefits
7) Product image
8) Calls to action

Elements to give confidence

9) Testimonials from satisfied customers
10) External validators

For any landing page, it will be essential to have these 10 elements clearly defined, as well as a series of hypotheses based on which a testing plan will be developed.


Obviously, just with these 10 elements, a large number of tests can be done, and the resources of any marketing / web analytics department are limited. That is why the tests should be prioritized according to what the main objectives are and based on the time resources we have.

Optimization, a box of surprises

Finally, as a final thought: the world of conversion optimization is exciting and if you enjoy it you will be guaranteed emotions and surprises… because many times the result is totally opposite to what our logic dictates, and you can find unknown guidelines of our clients that can translate not only into an increase in the conversion of the web, but can transcend the scope of the web itself and provide improvements of processes and / or products for the company itself applicable also in offline processes.