Benefits of Using the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus Program

Amazon’s new brand referral bonus program provides a benefit to accounts registered with Brand Registry.

This bonus will apply to future referral fees on relevant purchases. To get that economic bonus, the sales that are obtained must be derived from the traffic of the ads from outside Amazon to its platform. This program can mean an increase in their sales for brands. This program is a strategy of redirecting traffic from other channels to Amazon.

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How to get this bonus

The brand referral bonus can only be achieved with relevant traffic, as we mentioned earlier. This traffic refers to anyone who comes from an ad that is outside of Amazon and is linked to it by a tag created with Amazon Attribution.

In addition, this traffic should lead to the detail page of a product whose brand is previously registered on Amazon.

This also means that you must be the owner of that same brand,otherwise this advantage will not be accessible. In turn, to be eligible, the traffic derived from the relevant purchases must be made within 14 days from when the customer arrives at Amazon from this external traffic. Similarly, if this purchase is returned to cancelled you will not be eligible to receive this brand bonus. The advantages include up to 10% on average in bonds with monetary credit.

Thanks to this tool, brands will be able to reduce their referral rates while redirecting customers to their products. This redirection of customer traffic to Amazon products will make more and more sellers want to have a presence and carry out advertising actions, both on and off the platform.

Advantages of Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus Program

This new Amazon program will help sellers be more efficient in their marketing campaigns, driving traffic from their external advertising campaigns into the platform. One of the most remarkable advantages is that you can get on average up to 10% bonus of the sales generated as a result of this external traffic. This bonus will depend on several factors and the category or product we sell. We can see all your rates on Brand Referral Bonus.

Here they explain all the variables that we will find in the prices as well as the exceptions.

relevant traffic

Program Access Restrictions

It should be noted that there are also certain restrictions on access to this program. The first is that the bonus can only be obtained on relevant purchases made aftee registering for
the program. In addition, you cannot claim the bonus for the same traffic in different Amazon programs such as Amazon Affiliates or Amazon Attribution.

In case this happens and a seller asks for bonuses in different programs for the same reference, Amazon may take certain measures such as not providing this benefit for the brand or may even cancel participation in the Amazon or another of these programs brand referral bonus program. In addition, in case a brand performs this type of infringement repeatedly, the Marketplace could close the seller’s account, thus prohibiting him from selling more on the platform.

It should be noted that at the moment this program is only available in the United States, although it may not take long to reach Europe and Spain.