Amazon Transparency

Amazon Transparency: Amazon’s Counterfeit Protection Service

The Amazon trading platform provides different services to its sellers so that they can offer their products with guarantees for all users. One such service is Amazon Transparency,which protects brands and shoppers from counterfeiting. This Marketplace has implemented a series of controls on the products of the brands that are registered within this service. It is a proactive protection to fight against counterfeit products.

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What is Amazon Transparency for?

Thanks to this service, customers will be able to verify the authenticity of the product they have purchased to ensure that what they have purchased is original and not a copy. In addition, it should be noted that this service can be used both on Amazon and on other websites or ecommerce, as well as physical stores.

How does Transparency work?

Sellers will need to register on the Amazon Transparency platform and it will allow customers to check with a code with a mobile app, if it is the authentic one. Brands may also include other types of data such as the date and place of manufacture or other additional information they wish. In this way, users will have total transparency with the company and the product they have purchased.

To obtain registration in Transparency, the necessary information must be provided to be accredited as the owner of the brand and the products. Along with this you need the world item number (GTIN) either an EAN or UPC code of those products. Finally, you must have the ability, as the owner of the brand, to include in each unit of product manufactured the unique code that Transparency will provide. Any questions that may arise, there is always the possibility to contact them and request help.

how Amazon Transparency works

How to register and verify

Once all the products are registered in Amazon Transparency, it’s time to place the codes on each product. Amazon scans these codes to ensure that authentic drives are sent to customers and not a copy. Meanwhile, customers can download the app for both Android and iOs and scan the product code with it when it gets home. This way they will be able to know at the moment if they have bought the original product or a counterfeit no matter where they have acquired it.

Transparency verification code

Benefits for your company or brand

The main benefit of being Amazon Transparency is that when a brand uses these unique codes, Amazon searches for them and scans them in their fulfillment centers to make sure the shipment is authentic. In addition, those products that do not pass this verification control will be investigated to detect cases of counterfeiting. In short, Amazon will treat them under its policies against fake products.

When users scan these references in the iOS or Android app, it will show them a green check mark if the code is valid or an X in red if it is not. In addition, brands can register all their products or only those they want. For each registered product, a single code must be included, that is, per unit manufactured.

Prices may vary depending on the units that are registered for each product. Up to a maximum of one million units would be priced at 0.045 euros per code. Between one and ten million units would have a price of 0.03 euros per code and for more than ten million units would be at 0.01 euros.

Amazon Transparency is now available in countries such as Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and India.