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Amazon Launchpad, Amazon’s new program for startups

Amazon Launchpad is the new Marketplace program that the North American company has created to help startups of innovative brands and products. In this way, in addition to helping these entrepreneurs increase sales on Amazon, it is intended to publicize and promote items that are intended to facilitate day to day. In turn, members of this program have access to exclusive benefits.

The program offers brands new tools available within Amazon Launchpad with which they can attract customers, create merchandising and provide strategic support to improve visibility. That way they seek to increase their sales.

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Amazon Launchpad

Tools within Amazon Launchpad

One of the aids offered by this program is a customer acquisition tool. Thanks to it, startups can create personalized content along with videos with which to attract attention while informing about the characteristics and innovations of their products.

In addition, this service includes free translations to be able to sell throughout Europe. With this tool Amazon will also help them with advertising campaigns.

On the other hand, users of this program will be able to find a tool to help customers discover the product and get the most out of it. To this end, Amazon Launchpad will allow brands to create specific showcases for all of Europe.

Another feature of this program is an integration support for the growth of the company. It identifies the shortcomings and opportunities for these new companies to increase their growth.

Who Amazon Launchpad is for?

In this project you can register trademarks of any type of product that have a unique and innovative proposal and that want to increase their potential along with their sales. Amazon Launchpad has specialized store windows in Amazon stores. These companies commit to stay one year in the program. After this time they can decide whether to continue or abandon it.

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