Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution, Amazon’s tool to measure the impact of your campaigns

Amazon Attribution is an analytics and measurement console built to help brands track their advertising performance across several different channels. Thanks to this new tool, the seller can discover how the different digital marketing campaigns that he carries out in other sales channels, outside Amazon, work and in this way help boost sales within him. At the moment it is free and is in its beta version.

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What is Amazon Attribution?

The new Amazon Attribution tool is a function that will be able to be used to unify the measurement and analysis of the different advertising campaigns. The goal is for it to help marketers better understand the return on investment, or ROI. This includes search, social media and email marketing campaigns, among others.

It also provides information on how users discover, research and purchase these products. In addition, it is very easy to use. This new console is available to professional sellers registered in the Amazon trademark registry,for suppliers and for agencies.

How do I use the metrics console?

In order to start using it, sellers have to fill out a request form. Then they must log in to Seller Central and register. When the account is already created, once inside, you can start adding the products whose conversions you want to measure. For each strategy, a different tag is generated that is implemented in the different search ads, social networks, display email marketing, etc.

Amazon Attribution Registration

To start creating these campaigns, you have to configure the console based on the Amazon
products that are going to be promoted. Once the campaign is set up, it generates a tag that must be added to the ad. This is the way the tool can track such ads.

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Why should advertisers use Amazon Attribution?

Starting to use Amazon Attribution by advertisers is interesting if in addition to Amazon Ads they use other tools for their marketing strategy. This tool will provide all the combined metrics and indicated so that the scope and effectiveness of these campaigns can be checked. You can get information such as which products are sold the most, what percentage of users leave the basket or which pages each customer has visited, among other things.

In this way it is much easier to know with a single tool the results of the campaigns to be able to optimize them. It is very important not only to observe the data but to interpret it to remake the campaigns that are not working well and focus them towards better use.

It’s very handy for those sellers who are just starting to advertise outside of Amazon and want to see how these new campaigns are impacting. Amazon Attribution can measure results and check views on detail pages or on products added to the basket.

What can be measured?

This tool measures non-Amazon Ads results,such as search ads, social media ads, video ads, etc. This creates reports that include standard traffic metrics such as impressions per click and more detailed ones such as the pages viewed by each customer or the products you have added to the basket. These reports can also be downloaded.

Why use it?

Using this tool helps to measure the results of the campaigns, something very important if we want to get more sales. Knowing which ads or channels our ads are performing best on will help us be more effective on them and create more optimized ads.

Optimizing is one of the main goals of Amazon Attribution. Figuring out which strategies or audiences increase campaign performance is paramount to making subsequent decisions. Information from landing pages can impact final conversion and customer behavior. Planning details such as which page they reach or which images and messages have a greater impact on the users who access our products, is of vital importance to stand out from the competition.