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Amazon Advertising, the best tool to sell on Amazon

Due to the enormous push that Amazon has been to promote online shopping, more and more businesses are betting on selling their products in this Marketplace.

When it comes to selling on Amazon, it doesn’t matter if it’s an e-commerce or a business with a physical location. The digital transformation and popularity of Jeff Bezos’ company makes it the most profitable to sell in a large online warehouse like this.


In this article we will talk about Amazon Advertising

and how a good strategy in this tool can help any business sell in the marketplace par excellence, although we must not forget to also integrate SEO strategies in Amazon.

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Types of sellers on Amazon

Before getting into the matter, it is interesting to know what types of sellers there are on Amazon and know how to differentiate them when making campaigns.

There are two types of sellers:

Vendor: It is the owner of a brand that sells part of its inventory to Amazon,which controls the prices of it. A Vendor’s items are sold and shipped directly by Amazon. Currently, the only way to access this program is through direct invitation by Amazon. This is achieved by performing a high quality of service, huge sales and for a long time. Amazon will be interested in the product and will offer the possibility of entering the Vendor program.

Use the Amazon Vendor Central platform.

Seller:This type of seller can be a brand or a trade that sells products of several brands or their own. The inventory is controlled by the seller, whether it has the FBA or FBM service. The items are sold by the seller to customers and shipping can be made from the seller’s premises or from Amazon.

Use Amazon Seller Centralas a management tool.

What is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon Advertising home screen

Amazon Ads or Amazon Advertising is Amazon’s PPC (pay per click) marketing platform. The operation is very similar to Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising.

Advertisers can place campaigns in different locations or target them by different audiences. The purpose is to be able to impact potential customers who are doing a specific product search on Amazon.

For these ads, sellers only pay when a user clicks on an ad and is directed to the listing of the product they want to buy.

Types of campaigns in Amazon Advertising

The first thing to do to build a campaign on Amazon Advertising is to choose the type. We must bear in mind that, as with Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising, this choice will depend on the business objective you have.

There are three different types of campaigns:

Sponsored Products or sponsored products

These campaigns are intended to cover searches related to products offered within Amazon. With them it is intended to reach buyers who have a greater intention to buy, so they cover a sales objective.

Sponsored Brands

The direction that this model takes is aimed at increasing the branding of the brand without forgetting the sales objective, since in Amazon the searches are mainly transactional.

Depending on the keywords you bid for in these campaigns, the ad will appear above the first product result in banner format or not. In this ad you can combine the brand logo and three products that are within the seller’s listing.

Display Ads

They display a product highlight ad in banner format in a different location than the search results.

These campaigns do not use keyword targeting, but by product categories, buyer interest categories, and the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). This reference is also called “SKU” and is the own identification number that Amazon gives to the products.

Placement of ads on Amazon

Amazon’s policy regarding ads within its platform does not allow them to stand out much, since they have to be integrated naturally into the user’s shopping experience.

Products are promoted at the top of direct search results and differentiated from organic results by a small gray text indicating that it is a sponsored product.

Depending on the type of campaign, sometimes you can see at the top a selection of products of the same brand on the result of the searches. This causes extra visibility to be offered and attracts more attention.

Example placement of ads in Amazon Ads

How does Amazon Ads work?

As we have said before, advertising on Amazon Advertising is very similar to advertising on other PPC platforms such as Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising. They work practically the same since the quantity and quality of the prints is determined by a system that works in real time. For this reason they take into account the maximum bid amount and the quality level

Likewise, the advertiser only pays for the clicks that occur, as it happens in other PPC platforms.

Amazon Advertising Control Metrics

The structure of ad accounts in Amazon Ads is also equivalent to other pay-per-click platforms:

  1. Account
  2. Campaign
  3. Ad group
  4. Advertisement

The ads in this Marketplace are for specific products and are always linked to the product listing within Amazon.

It is advisable to build a consistent campaign and create ad groups that contain closely related products. The purpose is none other than to fit, in a common way, with certain keywords.

Keywords Study for Amazon Ads

In any PPC campaign it is essential to do a keyword study. There are specific tools to do a Keyword Research on Amazon and one of the most complete is Helium 10, because it not only suggests keyword ideas by keyword but also can be searched by ASIN. In this way, this tool offers search volume data with both options.

KWS Studio Screen in Hellium 10 for Amazon

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