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Amazon Accelerator: How to Become an Official Amazon Provider

The Amazon Accelerator program allows manufacturers to launch their brands and products exclusively on Amazon. This provides a great help to such sellers because they become an Amazon Private Brandsprovider. The main objective of this program is to grow brands faster, since on Amazon they can have exclusive visibility. In addition, it helps Amazon’s product catalog grow.

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What is Amazon Accelerator

Thanks to Amazon Accelerator, companies have the possibility to grow exponentially. It is of great help, especially for start-up businesses. Belonging to this program also provides brands with some advantages over regular Amazon sellers. As a brand, you do not have a space or store within Amazon, but your products are within the private catalog of this. That is, you are not a seller but an official supplier for Amazon.

Its operation is simple since as a manufacturer you must send your products to their warehouse and Amazon will be responsible for selling and distributing them. In the first bars of the tool they had more than 125 private brands in about 17 different categories, something that every day increases without stopping.

Advantages of belonging to the Accelerator program

The moment a brand decides to apply to enter the Accelerator program,Amazon gives it a number of advantages over a normal seller. They will have access to some program-specific metrics tools to check the performance and sales of their products. In addition, you will have premium content from the product page for free. Items may have special locations on the sales page for their best-selling products or with better reviews.

Sellers will also have special communication channels, such as social networks or an email, where they will receive guided assistance. In turn, everyone who joins will be able to have free Amazon Vine reviews and participation with other brands in special projects such as pop-up retail stores.

It’s important to emphasize that any brand that joins Amazon Accelerator must remain an unnamed manufacturer tied exclusively to Amazon. The brand becomes owned by Amazon along with any new products from that brand that Amazon wants.

How to Apply to Amazon Accelerator

It is necessary to apply to belong to this program, either brand or manufacturer. Those interested must send a series of data and fill out a form that they can find on the Amazon website. Once they accept that request, the brand or manufacturers become an exclusive supplier within the Amazon catalog. That is, they send the product to Amazon warehouses and they would sell it there exclusively. They become a private and exclusive brand of Amazon. The categories for which it is currently available are:

  • clothing and accessories
  • health and wellness
  • garden
  • home and kitchen
  • industry
  • tools for the home
  • sport
  • beauty
  • Babies
  • electronics
  • office supplies
  • feeding
  • personal care
  • Pets
  • Shoes
  • toys.
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