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Amazon is the best showcase for your products, with a list of potential customers, just in Europe of more than 300 million potential buyers. Having a good SEO strategy in Amazon is essential to achieve the best positioning of your products.

At Arimetrics we know the importance of this strategy, and for this reason we offer a specialised service to position products in Amazon. The fundamental objective is for the product sheets to be positioned organically thanks to our advanced SEO strategies in Amazon. We are the boost you need to be selling now in Amazon.

How do we do SEO in Amazon?

SEO in Amazon is done with techniques similar to those used to position a website in Google, but applied to the Amazon listings. In the end, Amazon is just a search engine that shows results according to the parameters entered. Doing a good SEO in Amazon is essential to generate more traffic and, therefore, more sales. The terms of each product sheet play a fundamental role in the selling process since those we choose will be those that the products will show to the potential customers in their searches. At Arimetrics, we have the methodology and the tools necessary to find those essential keywords for the products and those that the competitors are using, and optimise the product sheets so that sales are maximised.

These are some of the basic elements that we have to take into account when optimising the SEO of an Amazon account:

Thanks to our accumulated experience and an exhaustive work, appearance in the searches that the search algorithm of Amazon considers most relevant is achieved.

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