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We offer the trademark registration consulting service on Amazon. A basic requirement if you want to have advantages such as having a Brand Store, or greater control over listings.

Amazon Brand Registry Consulting

In our Amazon Consulting service one of the first questions we ask our customers is if you have made the Amazon Brand Registry   of your brand. But why is it so important?

The   Amazon Brand Registry   is an Amazon program that provides brand protection within the platform. It allows you to legally identify yourself to Amazon customers.

Having the   Amazon Brand Registrymeans many   advantages within the platform such as winning disputes with resellers, exclusively registering the name and improvements in branding.

Having a registered trademark on Amazon is also a reputational advantage since it gives a plus of credibility.

Advantages of registering the trademark on Amazon

How to register a trademark on Amazon

The Amazon Brand Registry service is open to all businesses that have an Amazon Seller Central account and choose to register their brand.

To register a trademark on Amazon it is necessary to provide the following information:

Our brand consulting service

As an agency specialized in Amazon, we offer the advisory service in Brand Registry within our services, so that our clients can not worry about their management leaving it in good hands.
Having brand protection is one way to distinguish yourself from competitors. Any trademark that has its registration with the SPTO or WIPO should have as a priority to enter this program. In addition to the protection, it grants other advantages such as having an Amazon store or the ownership of the associated listings.

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