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Consultancy of Amazon Brand Registry in Amazon

In our Amazon Consultancy service, one of the first questions that we ask our clients is if they have carried out the Amazon Brand Registry of their brand. But, why is it so important?

Having the Amazon Brand Registry means many advantages within the platform such as winning disputes with resellers, exclusively registering the name and improvements in branding.

Advantages of having a brand registered in Amazon

  • Visibility: An Amazon study assures that more than 70% of the sellers currently do not have a Store in Amazon. By carrying out the Brand Registry, the brand will have a Store within Amazon with its own URL with many personalisation options. This store can be generalist, that is, with the entire catalogue, or else it can be used to launch new products and give them better visibility.
  • Advertising: Another more than interesting motive for carrying out the Amazon Brand Registry is the capacity of doing more advertising actions. Without the Brand Registry, a priori, only the so-called Sponsored Products (an option of advertising certain products within Amazon) are available. However, if the brand is registered, you can opt for the modality of Sponsored Brands. It is more effective advertising, as it appears highlighted within Amazon which appears on the front line after a search, and allows creating a banner with the logo of the brand, three products to highlight and a message.
  • Security: The most important motive for registering a brand in Amazon is product security. Having the Brand Registry, those fraudulent sellers that make improper use of the brand or are reselling your products without authorisation can be controlled. In this way, it is easier to claim to Amazon any type of fraudulent activity or one that you believe violates the rights of the trademark holder.

How is a brand registered in Amazon?

The Amazon Brand Registry is open to all the enterprises that have an account in Amazon Seller Central and decide to register their brand.

In order to register a brand in Amazon, it is necessary to supply the following data:

  • Brand Name .The name by which we want to be found in Amazon.
  • Product Category in Amazon. The category of products by which we are going to position our brand.
  • Distribution and manufacturing countries . In what countries is our brand distributed and what is the country of manufacture of our products.
  • Brand ownership. Accrediting the ownership of the brand that we are going to register.
  • Registered brand. Accrediting document of the registered trademark, such as that provided by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) upon registering the brand.
  • Registered logo. A photograph of the name of the brand or logo. In this case, Amazon differentiates between the word mark (name of the brand) and the figurative mark (logo). It must be exactly that which appears in the registry, despite the fact that subsequent modifications have been made.

Our brand consultancy service in Amazon

As an agency specialised in Amazon, we offer the service of Brand Registry advice among our services, so that our clients do not have to be concerned about its management, leaving it in good hands.

Do you need help with your Amazon Brand Registry? Contact us!

Our Brand Registry Services in Amazon are customized and adapted for each project.

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