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Amazon Advertising is the advertising solution of Amazon of cost per click. As occurs with other platforms, Amazon uses tools based on keyword bids and uses different locations within its Marketplace to show the advertising.

At Arimetrics we have experience in all the advertising formats of Amazon:

  • Sponsored Brands: We create in-site campaigns aimed at making the brand known. Their landing will be done in the store of the brand. They are positioned in the first line of the search and need at least three products to be visible.
  • Sponsored Products: We carry out in-site campaigns where the products appear as “Sponsored” and appear in three positions within the searches: in the first row of results, in the middle of the search and at the end, making a total of 10 sponsored products per search.
  • Amazon DSP: We increment the reach of your products through the Display network of affiliates and campaigns. Your segmentation allows us to adapt the advertising to the buyer, finding the best public for your products and in this way boost both the in-site and out-site sales.

Our services in Amazon Advertising

We conduct a prior study of the potential keywords for your business and we implement them in the listings of products as well as in the advertising campaigns in order to maximise profitability. Arimetrics is an agency certified with Amazon Advertising Sponsored Ads Accreditation.

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