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Analytical solutions and reports in AliExpress

One of the great advantages that AliExpress offers is the suite of internal tools with all the data that it makes available to the sellers free of charge.

Among the data that the platform supplies are:

Our analysts will focus all their efforts on analysing these data in order to obtain knowledge and to create effective data-based strategies and recommendations. With all this we can in turn create Dashboards and data displays.

Our AliExpress Analytics service

The only way to successfully manage a store within AliExpress is to use appropriately its internal algorithm whose functioning is similar to that of a snowball. Once put into motion, the product sales begin to arrive, and in turn, other products from the catalogue which had not yet had sales begin to be sold.

Within our analytical service in AliExpress, we exhaustively analyse the data that the platform offers on the store, the products and the promotions, in order to put the marketplace algorithm in our favour.

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